Makeup Trends I Wouldn’t Normally Wear | Bright Pink Glitter Lips #RachelTriesMakeup

This week I’m challenging myself to try out some of the makeup trends I wouldn’t normally try in my #RachelTriesMakeup blog series. Today I’ll be going bright, pink and glittery with bright pink glitter lips!

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a nude lips lover, and I stick to pinky nude lips pretty much every day. In Monday’s post I decided to try out some super bold matte lipsticks, but today I’m going one step further with bright, glittery lips. Glitter lips are a BIG trend this spring/summer, with some brands even releasing glitter lip top coats which can be worn over lipstick or even on bare lips.

In order to try out this glitter lip look, I dived into my makeup collection and came across the Topshop Lip Bullet in Double Rainbow – a super bright pink lipstick with iridescent blue glitter. Unfortunately the camera couldn’t quite pick up just how glittery this lipstick is but trust me, it is super glittery and super bright! 

 As this lipstick is so bright and sparkly, it’s not something I would normally ever wear out. Although I think the colour looks quite pretty I couldn’t really imagine wearing this on a daily basis. However, I believe that this trend would be absolutely perfect for adding some sparkle to your makeup look at a summer festival!

If you don’t own a glitter lipstick, you can re-create this trend by applying a lip gloss to your lips then pressing on some glitter pigment onto your lips – although I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re going straight out to a meal!

Would you try glitter lips? Or is it just a step too far?

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