Makeup Trends I Wouldn’t Normally Try | False Eyelashes #RachelTriesMakeup

This week I’m challenging myself to try out some of the makeup trends I wouldn’t normally try. In yesterday’s post I decided to go waaaay out of my comfort zone and tried 3 super bold lipsticks I would never normally wear [link]. Today I’ll be test driving a pair of false eyelashes!

I think falsies look absolutely gorgeous, however I never normally wear them. Firstly, I find them quite fiddly to apply, secondly, I hate how heavy they can make my eyelids feel and thirdly, I can’t stand when the inner corner starts coming off your eye whilst you’re out and you need to keep re-glueing them on. However, as I said I absolutely love the way falsies look! After all, who wouldn’t want long, fluttery lashes!?

Since this would be my first time giving false eyelashes a real test drive, I wanted to go for a fairly natural looking pair that can easily be worn during the daytime without looking like you’ve I’m carrying a heavy weight on my lashes. I decided to go for The Vintage Cosmetic Company False Lashes – Connie Lashes. These lashes are very soft and natural – perfect for daytime. They add some length and a subtle amount of volume to your lashes, whilst the tapered ends are great for elongating the eye. However, what I love most about these lashes is that they’ve got a transparent band, so they look even more natural!

 As a total falsies-newbie, I wasn’t quite sure how the application was going to go! I started by applying some liquid liner and mascara to my eyes then applied some of the glue onto the lashes. I then waited for the glue to dry and become slightly tacky and used a pair of tweezers to place the false lashes onto my actual eyelashes and pushed the transparent band towards my lash line. I normally find applying false eyelashes to be quite fiddly, however this was actually really quick! Once the glue had dried, I applied some more liquid liner and my eye look was complete!

 As you can see from the picture above, the lashes look very natural and add just a bit of extra length and volume. I did find that I was very aware of the false lashes being on my eyes at first, however as the day went on they were surprisingly extremely comfortable – so much that I forgot I was even wearing them!

Although I’m still not a fan of thick, dramatic falsies, I will definitely be wearing these ones again! They’re not too OTT, they’re comfortable, and they’re great for adding a subtle bit of OOOOOOMPH to your eye makeup!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I will be trying glitter lips!