4 Great Things About Travelling By Train

5 Great Things About Travelling By Train

Whether you’re travelling on foot, by car, by plane or by train – every type of transport has its pros and cons. However, I actually quite enjoy travelling by train! Today I’ll be sharing 4 great things about travelling by train, as opposed to other means of transport.

Virgin Trains have released a fun video to celebrate 20 years of service where a number of singers surprised everyone by giving a pretty incredible performance at Euston Station, London. You can check out the video below:

 Although a surprise performance isn’t something you encounter each time you board a train, travelling by train still has its perks!

1. No Traffic

One thing I enjoy about travelling by train is that there’s no waiting around in traffic, especially on the way to work in the mornings or at rush hour. This is definitely a major perk when travelling by train!

2. No Lengthy Boarding Time

When it comes to going on holiday, or more specifically a staycation you could choose to travel by plane, train or car. Of course, travelling by train has the (already mentioned) perk of no traffic. However, another great thing about travelling by train is that there is no lengthy boarding process that you have to endure every time you travel by plane – and there’s no need to get to the station 2 hours before your train’s departure either!

3. You Can Still Use Your Phone

You cannot use your phone while driving – for obvious reasons – and most flights still don’t offer Wi-Fi services on board. However, travelling by train gives you the perfect opportunity to catch up with your family or friends via social media or by giving them a call (unless you’re in the silent carriage, of course)

4. The Perfect Excuse To Unwind

Travelling by train gives you the opportunity to sit back, relax and unwind whether you are on the way to work or travelling back home after a long day. You can listen to your favourite album on Spotify, watch the latest TV episodes on your iPad or simply enjoy some time to yourself whilst admiring the view outside. There’s no denying that travelling by train can be a great time to relax!

This is a collaborative post.