Working From Home & A Sneak Peek Into My Office Space

At the end of last year I quit my 9-5 job, and I now work part-time from the office and part-time from home. This has meant sorting out an ‘official’ working space, because as much as working from bed sounds appealing, it’s definitely not the most productive of places! Today I’m collaborating with to give you a sneak peek into my office space.

Of course, no office space is complete without some cute stationery – and apart from having an amazing range of luxury homeware items and gorgeous scented candles, also have a great selection of Insta-worthy stationery, which you can see pictured in this blog post.

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Not having to physically travel to an office every single day has many perks. There’s no long commute in the morning, you can start working as early – or late – as you like, work in your comfy clothes or PJs for extra comfort, and you can take as many short breaks your heart desires throughout the day.

However, working from home also has a few drawbacks. Primarily, it means that actually getting yourself to start working in the mornings isn’t always the easiest task when you don’t necessarily have to be at your office desk by 9am. Working from home requires a lot of self-discipline, self-motivation, organisation and time management. I find that the easiest way to kick start the day and make it a productive one is by getting into a routine and writing a to-do list for the day. This cute spiral-bound notebook from is absolutely perfect for getting organised – and there’s no denying that it also looks pretty great on your desk too! Each page is lined, with a small section for the date at the top, and it’s also available in pink.

As I mentioned, my job involves working from the office a few times a week and working from home the rest of the time. One thing I would definitely miss if I worked from home every single day is the company of my colleagues. Of course, colleagues can be a blessing or a curse – there are definitely some colleagues you would happily not see everyday. However, colleagues can also be a really good laugh and you can end up making some really great friends in your office! If you’re feeling a bit lonely and missing the company of your colleagues, the Sweet Talk Pen Set by is (kind of) the next best thing! Each pen has a cute quote/compliment printed on it – my favourite one is definitely ‘you’re better than unicorns’. Not only do they look really cute, but they’re also very handy when it comes to writing down your to-do list. (Can you tell I love a good to-do list!?)

By far one of the best things about working from home is that you can really make the space where you work truly ‘your own’. Sure, you can place a framed photo of you and your loved ones on your desk at work. However, working from home means that you can really take this to a whole new level and make your office space as comfortable and cosy as you wish – fluffy blankets, cushions, framed inspirational quotes and seasonal flowers are all possible options for your work space. One of my favourite ways to create a relaxing atmosphere in my office space is by lighting a scented candle. This scented candle from Emma Bridgewater, aptly named ‘Feels Like Home’ has a comforting chamomile, lavender and orange blossom scent that is just so delicate and lovely.

Do you work from home? Or do you work in an office and love it? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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