The Most Iconic Sunglasses Of All Time

The Most Iconic Sunglasses Of All Time

Sunglasses are pretty much an essential for me all year round – whether it’s the bright summer sunlight or the winter sun glare which my eyes can’t quite handle – I’ve always got a pair of my favourite sunnies in my handbag, or on my face!

In my opinion, sunglasses are the most important accessory you can wear. They are essential for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of conditions such as cataracts (that is triggered by UV rays), macular degeneration and skin cancer on the eyelid. Apart from this, if you suffer from migraines, like me, wearing sunglasses can help protect you from migraine attacks that are triggered by the bright sunlight.

However, apart from having the very important job of protecting your eyes, sunglasses are also a fashion statement Рan accessory that can transform your look from the more classic to something more quirky! Focus Clinics recently took a look back at the most iconic sunglasses of all time (below) Рand I found this so interesting! I am a huge fan of the iconic gold-framed Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses Рjust like the ones Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun. I also love wearing a pair of big sunglasses, such as these Ray-Ban 4184 sunglasses, which are kind of inspired by Victoria Beckham. After all, nothing quite beats a pair of large sunnies when you want to cover up your sleep-deprived eyes and look classy instead!


What is your favourite style of sunglasses?

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