The Modern Girl’s Guide To Turning Into Your Mother | Book Review

Turning into your mother might be your worst nightmare – or you might actually love to turn into your mother as you grow older. Whichever one it is, Mills & Boon’s new release is sure to have you and your mother chuckling away!

The Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide To Turning Into Your Mother is an honest and hilarious book all about the truths of motherhood, full of witty tales that you’ll find yourself nodding along to if you’re a mother – and laughing away regardless, even if you’re not a mother yourself!

The book has a vintage feel about it, and is filled with classic, vintage photographs accompanied by witty anecdotes. It covers topics related to motherhood and bringing up children, including the empty nest, the ‘naughty step’, holidays, tantrums, and being a role model. One of my favourites is the ‘breakfast in bed’ page, pictured above.

This book makes an absolutely perfect gift for mothers, who are guaranteed to nod along in agreement whilst reading this! This also makes a great coffee table book and is sure to spark a conversation with any other mums!

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