The Cutest Shoes This Spring

The start of spring calls for new clothes, new accessories, and of course, new shoes! I recently came across this super adorable pair of ballet slippers and in spite of the fact that, yes, they are ever so slightly childish – I couldn’t resist picking up a pair!

These shoes are the kind of thing that I would show my family, friends and boyfriend, and they would all react the same way – a bit of a sigh and a bit of an eye roll – because although you would probably expect to see these worn by a 5 year old girl, they are just so me.

My style is generally quite feminine and girly, nothing out of the ordinary. However, I love adding cute and quirky little touches to an outfit to make them more unique to me, and I feel that these ballet slippers do just that. These look really cute simply worn with a blouse and a pair of skinny jeans. As you can see in the photos above, the shoes have a cute little bunny face on the front complete with pink bunny ears, as well as little white pompoms at the back of the shoe and an iridescent finish. I mean, it’s basically like having your own little pair of Easter bunnies, and who wouldn’t that!?

The bunny ballet slippers are available from ASOS for £25! One thing I must say is that I had to order a size down to my usual size 6 as these came up quite big. 

What do you think of the bunny ballet slippers? Too cute, or just too much!?


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