Tangle Angel Professional Brushes | The Most Beautiful Brushes Ever!?

Tangle Angel Professional Brushes

It’s not everyday that you look at a hair brush and think it looks like a work of art. However, I recently got sent a few goodies from Tangle Angel Professional Brushes, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen brushes look so beautiful!

The Tangle Angel Professional Brush is a detangling brush that literally looks like an angel! It has been designed for use on both dry and wet hair, to gently get rid of any knots in an easy and pain-free way. As it is heat resistant, it can also be used as a blow drying brush! The brush I got sent is in a gorgeous fuchsia colour, however the brush also comes in 7 other colours, including gold, light pink, white, grey, turquoise, purple and orange. 

The brush has been developed using special antibacterial additives that are embedded in the plastic to make the brush hygienic and safe to use, and it also has anti-static properties to leave the hair looking smooth and prevent flyaway hair. It can withstand temperatures of up to 115°C and it is also water resistant – perfect for using on wet hair and in the shower! Available here for £12.95.

Tangle Angel Professional Brushes

Tangle Angel recently launched a range of professional brushes for pets – so you and your little kitty (or dog!) can use the same brand of brushes, which I think is a really cute idea! The Pet Angel Mini comes in a little paw shape and features the same technology as the human version, so it is antibacterial, antistatic, water resistant, and gentle on little Fluffy’s fur!  This also comes in fuchsia, bronze, light pink, and turquoise. I’ve tried the brush on my cats and they both seemed to enjoy it – so I guess it’s a thumbs paws up from them too! Available here for £12.95.


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