Celebrity TV Shows – How Much Do They Actually Get Paid!?

Celebrity TV Shows - How Much Do They Actually Get Paid!?

Whenever I’m in need of a bit of chill out time, I normally resort to YouTube. However, a big guilty pleasure of mine is celebrity reality shows. I’ve recently been loving The Jump on Channel 4, but this made me think – how much do celebrities actually get paid to appear on these shows!?

Although I love watching TV series such as The Crown and Suits, which involve some degree of concentration, there’s no denying that I also love watching celebrity reality shows that don’t involve much thinking when I really want to wind down after a busy day.

Cash Lady recently did some research on how much celebrities get paid to appear on shows such as The Jump, Strictly Come Dancing, and Celebrity Big Brother. I have been absolutely loving watching The Jump recently – Davina McCall is one of my favourite TV presenters and I really enjoy watching the celebrities get competitive! Perfect Sunday night TV. Strictly Come Dancing is another one of my favourite TV shows to watch – it’s just such a positive show and is perfect TV for relaxing on the weekend.

According to the research, last year’s I’m a Celebrity contestants were each paid between £70,000 and £300,000. Apart from this, ITV also make a donation to a charity of the contestants’ choice. When one takes into consideration these fees, the charity donations, plane tickets to the jungle, two celebrity hosts and production costs it’s not surprising that Aunt Bessie were charged around £6,000,000 (eek!) for a three year sponsorship deal!

In the case of Strictly Come Dancing, all the contestants are offered a fee of £25,000, and this increases to £40,000 for those who make it to the November shows, £75,000 for those who make it to the quarter final, and finally £100,000 for the winner! Anyone else tempted to try get on Strictly this year?!

What’s your favourite celebrity reality show? And what do you think about the fees that celebrities get paid?


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