Beauty and the Beast Inspired Hair Tutorial

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Hair
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Everyone got pretty excited when it was first announced that Disney would be releasing Beauty and the Beast as a live-action film. Things got even more exciting when the cast was revealed, with Emma Watson as Belle, Downton’s Dan Stevens as the Beast, Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts and Ian McKellen as Cogsworth!

When the first trailer was released a few months ago, excitement reached an all time high! Finally, Beauty and the Beast will be in cinemas across the UK this Friday, 17th March – and in order to celebrate, today I’ll be collaborating with Lush Hair Extensions to share a Beauty and the Beast inspired hair tutorial.

Of course, the ballroom scene at the end of Beauty and the Beast is an iconic part of the story, and the live-action film with Emma Watson surely won’t disappoint – especially judging from the glimpses we have got of the scene in the trailers! In this scene, Belle’s hair is styled in a gorgeous half-up half-down style, with plenty of volume and lots of luscious waves.

Although the hair style looks quite complex, it’s actually not too hard to achieve! The video below shows how you can easily achieve Belle’s hair from this remarkable scene, using Lush Hair Extensions for all the volume and additional length your hair needs. This would be the perfect hairstyle if you’re planning on making a trip to the cinema to watch the film when it’s released (and why wouldn’t you!?).

This is a collaborative post.