7 Tips For Choosing Your Clothes This Spring | Guest Post

7 Tips For Choosing Your Clothes This Spring

Spring is very much here, and you know what that means: a whole new season to suitably dress yourself for. If you’ve recently been keeping an eye on London, Paris, Milan and New York catwalks, you’ve probably already seen many of the emerging trends. However, if you haven’t, today’s guest post has some advice for putting on clothes that can be comfortable, pretty and sometimes even political.

Don’t be afraid to be pretty in pink

Pink seems to be making a big comeback – just look at all of those rose gold iPhones in the wild. The trend has extended to clothes, too, with pink – especially fuchsia – prominent at various fashion shows, Cosmopolitan reports. There’s room for experimentation; you could layer various hues or wear coats on top of statement dresses, to make just two suggestions.

The right not to bare arms

Detailed sleeves have long featured on the catwalk – and they are slowly making their way onto the streets, too. You can expect to see ruffled, cropped, bunched and oversized sleeves. Well, why leave your arms bare when you can treat them like artists’ canvases instead?

Bralettes aren’t just for Kendall Jenner

Long gone are the days when only Superman seemed to like wearing underwear on the outside. Kendall Jenner has a lot to answer for, as her favourite clothing piece, the bralette, will be common this Spring. Look out for strappy, floral, and luxe velvet textured prints.

Also, being stripy isn’t just for barcodes

Stripes were common on the Spring/Summer 2017 catwalks. They looked great, too – with Mulberry showing off pinstripes and Marques’ Almeida displaying thick stripes. There were even stripy boots! Never before has emulating the look of a barcode made so much sense. Katie from¬†orlajames.com¬†agreed “Yes, yes yes! Stripes are definitely the way forward and i’m excited for their revival!”

Get it white with these dresses

Excited about the prospect of putting on a white dress? Thankfully, you won’t have to wait until your wedding day to do so. There were plenty of white dresses on the SS17 catwalks, and there weren’t any grooms in sight. Alberta Ferretti and Chanel paraded delightful maxi dresses that combined beachwear with eveningwear, while there was a unique new take on “off the shoulder” at the Rodarte and Tibi runway. You’ll want to say “I do”… to buying one of these dresses!

Say the word: su, su, slogans

Contrary to what Phil Collins told us in the 1980s, you shouldn’t say the word “sussudio” – instead, it should be “feminist”. That’s largely thanks to Emma Watson’s efforts – and, on the runways, we have seen the promotion of girl power with tees bearing slogans like “We Should All Be Feminists”.

Experiment with colour

Esquire aptly calls black “the new black”; however, it adds that “as soon as the sun comes out you might want to consider mixing some colour into your daily wear.” While avoiding going overboard, you can invest in coloured trousers and shirts; retailer Dickies Life has a good selection of both. Putting a colourful piece over a less vibrant layer would be a wise idea.

*This is a guest post.*