10 Things We All Think About In The Shower

We get most of our best thinking done in the shower. Whether it be practical or philosophical, there’s nothing better than standing in the shower and letting the hot water roll over your shoulders as you let your mind run away with you. 

However, we can scarcely remember what we just thought about after we eventually decide to get out. Today’s guest post is all about some of the things everybody thinks about in the shower.

Get Rich Quick Schemes

Some of us dare to dream and this is proven in the amount of times we try to come up with ways to ‘strike gold’. Whether it be trying to think up a new invention that the world doesn’t yet know it desperately needs, or thinking up the plot for your blockbuster movie, we’d all like to discover life’s cheat codes.

Never Leaving

We all know how relaxing a hot shower can be, in the moment, the hot jet of water to your tired muscles is exactly what you need right now – so why leave? Seriously, the outside world can’t need you THAT much, can it? Although, you soon realise about your water bills and think better of it…

How We Haven’t Been Talent Scouted Yet

Our shower singing sessions are that good. Seriously. We’re wasted waking up every morning and doing this 9-5 graft, we’d rather be on tour singing about it – like Dolly Parton.

Past Blunders

Some moments from our past come back to haunt us and it’s usually when you least expect it. When your mind wanders in the shower, there’s a good chance it’s strolled off into somewhere you really don’t want it to go and you’ll cringe with embarrassment at a choice you made that you really wish you hadn’t… 

Am I Being Burgled?

If you get a shower when you’re the only one in the house at night-time, then you’ll probably jump at even the slightest creak of the floorboards. None of us want to have to go confront a burglar wrapped in a towel armed with a toilet brush in one hand and a bottle of conditioner in the other.

Argument Winning Comebacks

We’ve all been there; when we’re in a full-scale dispute and someone gets the better of you. We’ll often come up with the perfect response the next hour and put our heads in our hands. 

Getting Back in Touch

We sometimes remember that we haven’t spoken to someone in a while. Whether it be your parents or a friend, we all forget to keep in touch sometimes when our lives get super busy.

Something Profound

We’ll often impress ourselves with some of the deep thoughts we’ll come up with in the shower, so much so, that there’s an entire section of Reddit dedicated to it. Our personal favourite? A Piñata is considered broken when it won’t break. Woah. 

Is This Powerful Enough?

There’s nothing worse than a weak shower. Period. If your shower hasn’t got the power it should do, you may want to invest in some new shower pumps. You’ll thank yourself when you finally have a shower that can wash the shampoo out of your hair.

Daily Chores

You’ll often have a good think about what you need to do that day and probably give yourself a little pep talk in the process, which gets you really motivated for the day to come. The problem is, as we said before, you’ll probably forget everything you said you’d do once you leave the bathroom. Maybe consider a waterproof notepad?

What do you think about in the shower!?


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*This is a guest post.*