My Car History | The Cars of My Childhood

Cars are unquestionably a massive part of our lives. Not only do they take us from A to B, but cars are also a part of our life story. From just a few hours or days after we are born, most of us experience our first car ride to go home, and they continue to serve us throughout most of our lives.

Vertu Honda have recently released the tenth generation of the iconic Honda Civic. This features an entirely new body design with a lighter, stiffer chassis and sporty, more engaging driving position than previous models, as well as a wider and more spacious cockpit, giving both the driver and passenger more space. Believe it or not, the Honda Civic has been around since 1972, where it made its first debut at the Paris Motor Show and was an instant hit with buyers. In order to celebrate the launch of the tenth generation of the Honda Civic, Vertu Honda decided to take a look back at how the model has changed over the years – check out the Honda Civic timeline here. It’s really interesting seeing how the Honda Civic developed through the years, where it continually exceeded customers’ changing expectations, winning the title of ‘Car of the Year’ multiple times, to seeing how it finally developed into the newly launched tenth generation.

This made me reminisce about the cars that have been a part of my life history, more specifically the ones that were prevalent throughout my childhood.

The first that I ever rode as a newborn baby in 1992 was (apparently) the Lancia Fulvia 1.3 S Coupe, which admittedly I don’t remember much at all – I was probably more interested in being fed and having my nappy changed at that age! However, looking back at photos of that car now makes me feel ancient!  After that car had to be replaced, my parents owned a Ford Cortina, which I only have vague memories of, however I’ve always heard a lot about that car as my dad still mentions it to this very day!

Moving on to the cars that I do actually remember very well, the first one being the Citroen AX. This was my mum’s car when I was growing up and I’ve got so many memories of being inside this car (mostly consisting of being stuck in traffic on the way to school!). I also have very fond memories of the Morris Mini Minor in a bright turquoise colour that belonged to my granddad.  I absolutely loved being that car, partly because of the colour and partly because you wouldn’t really see any of these cars still around!

What memories do you have of the cars you grew up with?


This is a collaborative post.