My Blog Post Writing Process + Tips | Behind The Scenes

Every blogger has their own unique way of creating content. From coming up with blog post ideas, taking the photos, writing up the actual post, to finally hitting PUBLISH – we all do it differently! Today I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of Beauty and the Bird and sharing my blog post writing process (+ some tips!) with you.

Step 1: The LIGHTBULB! Moment

Coming up with blog post ideas is the hardest part of my blog post writing journey. However, it’s also something that I feel I really improved on in the last few years. Ideas pop into my head at the most random times and due to having the amazing memory of a gold fish I always make sure to jot down my ideas in my notebook or the notes app on my phone.

However, when I’m completely stuck for ideas I always turn to Bloglovin or Pinterest. Scrolling through my feeds really inspires me to think of new ideas and topics that I’d like to cover on my blog, and I jot these ideas down in my notebook. I also find it helpful to think of events that I have planned (and so, that I can potentially write about) and to think about what I have been up to recently – even if I haven’t been up to anything! Funnily enough, one of my most popular blog posts to date was inspired by me not having been up to much and not wearing any makeup for 2 weeks! Check out: 5 things I learned from going completely makeup free for 2 weeks.


Whatever I’m writing about, I just cannot write a blog post without having any photos to work with. Even as I write this post, the photo is already added to the post and helps inspire me to write (anyone else!?). Because of this, I always start by (preferably) taking my blog photos or alternatively sourcing royalty-free images online.

If I’m taking my own blog photos – and I try to do this for 90% of my blog posts – I basically bulk-take photos and have a mini product photo shoot. For this I use my Canon 700D with the Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake Lens and as much natural daylight as possible. As setting up for photos can take quite some time, I normally try to take enough photos to cover my next few blog posts all in one go. I then transfer my photos onto my laptop and edit them slightly to make them look brighter. Check out: Do you really need a DSLR camera for blogging?

Step 3: The Right Time To Write

Once I’ve got my photos sorted and ready to go, I feel like I’m ready to start writing. Although I enjoy the whole process of running a blog – taking the photos, posting content on social media, replying to emails about potential collaborations – actually sitting down to write a blog post is the part I enjoy the most. I know this is different for every blogger, but I find the process of writing about a product or topic that excites me to be so therapeutic. Even if I’ve had a rubbish day, I really look forward to sitting down with my laptop in the evening and writing away!

It can take anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes for me to write a blog post. Product reviews generally take me the least time, possibly because I have been doing these the longest and have figured out a formula which seems to work. On the other hand, more lengthy posts such as this one or my recent ‘How Blogging Can Help Improve Your Career‘ post can take quite a bit longer.

Step 4: HITTING PUBLISH + The Beginning of Your Blog Post’s Journey!

After I’ve finished writing a blog post, I normally go through it once or twice adding any relevant links to previous blog posts and optimising for SEO, before proof-reading the post one last time and finally hitting PUBLISH!

 … Or ‘Schedule’ – but that doesn’t quite have the same effect does it!? As much as I love scheduling content in advance and knowing that I’ve got my content prepared for the next week or so, I’m just sooo impatient and normally want to hit publish right away. Anyone else?

I used to think that once a blog post is up, that would mean that my job here is complete, right? Wrong. Hitting publish is just the beginning of your blog post’s journey in the big wide world, and unless you get your content out there, promote it and make people aware of the fact that you’ve got something new and exciting to read, then you might not get the kind of traffic that your new post deserves. Check out: 5 Blogging Mistakes I Made When I First Started Blogging.

What is your blog post writing process like?
Do you start by writing, taking the pictures or something completely different?