How To Upgrade Your Living Room Without Breaking The Bank

With spring just around the corner (FINALLY), you might be thinking about doing a spot of spring cleaning and decorating for your humble abode. After all, who needs the perfect excuse for shaking up a living room!? Even if you’re still short on pennies, today’s guest post is packed with tips on how you can still jazz up your living area on the cheap!

Make use of a feature wall

Want to shake up the colour scheme of your room but don’t have the time and the cash the redecorate all four walls? No problem – just do one instead. Repainting a single wall in your living room can really transform the vibe of it, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, use wallpaper instead! A brick effect wallpaper on the single main wall in your room can look lovely and rustic.

Recognise the value of rugs

You’d be surprised at the difference you can make to a room by just introducing a new rug for the floor. Adding a contrasting colour scheme can really help jazz up a space and a large rug can make the room seem bigger. Already have one and are sick of looking at it? Out with the old and in with the new! There are plenty of retailers that have a selection of cheap rugs to offer you, why not take advantage of the sales?

Get some greenery

Some people think plants should stay outside, however, you shouldn’t listen to that negativity. While also looking gorgeous when properly tended for, plants can breathe some much needed live into your living area – and that’s not a metaphor – these plants release oxygen, making the air you breathe that little bit purer.

Let there be light

You’ve probably heard about the miracles lighting can do to change up a person’s face – well that’s no different with your living room. Standing lamps and abstract lighting not only look great as a decoration, but when lit they can give the room a whole different vibe – ‘mood lighting’ does indeed exist.

Change the focal point

If your coffee table in the centre of your room has been there since the start, it’s probably started to make you yawn just by looking in its general direction. Buying a new coffee table could be an idea if you have the money, but a far cheaper alternative would be thinking cannily about what decorates it. Changing up books and accessories that rest on top of it can give the whole table a new appearance.

Mess around with placements

Who says you need to even buy anything new at all? You can get the feel of a whole new room just by reorganising the furniture around it. Just remember not to make your television the focal point of the room as it stifles all sense of creativity – sure, it might be the only reason you’ll go into your living room, but all your houseguests don’t need to know that!


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*This is a guest post.*