How Blogging Can Help Improve Your Career | Skills To Add To Your CV

How Blogging Can Help Improve Your CV

I started this blog back in 2013, yet for years I thought it wasn’t worth adding my blog to my CV. I thought that it wasn’t really relevant and that any potential employers might find it a bit silly. A few years down the line, I now know that having a blog can actually help improve your CV and land you your dream job. Never underestimate the power of running your own blog!

Whether you blog as a side hobby and want to prove your skills to a prospective employer, or if you blog part-time or full-time and want to apply for a new job, here are some of the invaluable skills that blogging can help you demonstrate in your CV and during your interview.

Your Writing Skills

Blogging involves a lot of writing. Whether you are writing up a blog post, posting content on your social media channels, pitching an idea, or communicating with a PR company via email, writing is a big part of blogging. Therefore, even if you didn’t consider writing to be one of your strengths when you first started blogging, it would have most likely improved along the years – and no matter what job you’re applying for, writing is a very useful skill to have!

Your Digital Marketing Skills

Throughout your blogging journey, you become familiar with using different marketing tools and techniques to help grow your blog. For example, you’re likely to be proficient in Google Analytics to keep track of your blog’s statistics, and you may also have gained a great understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – two great skills that you can demonstrate to your potential employer. Check out my blog post on how I got a job in digital marketing and 5 SEO tips for beginners

Your Social Media Management Skills

Blogging and social media management go hand in hand, and it is unlikely that you run a blog and don’t use any social media channels to drive traffic back to it. Through doing this, you’ve probably acquired a great understanding of social media, such as how to grow different social media channels, scheduling content, what kind of content does better on different channels, how to interact with social media followers, and how to keep track of these channels. Social media is incredibly important for businesses nowadays and therefore, showing off your social media management skills can definitely earn you some extra points! Check out my Twitter Tips for Bloggers.

Your Photography/Video Editing Skills

Photography is a huge part of blogging nowadays – even more so in certain niches such as beauty, fashion and travel. You can use the photography skills you have acquired on your blogging journey to your advantage, whether that is your skill in actually taking photographs, or your photo editing skills. If you run a YouTube channel in addition to your blog, this may also demonstrate your video editing skills – so don’t forget to include this in your CV.

Your Researching Skills

Writing a good blog post involves a certain amount of research, whether you are writing a product review, an article about your new favourite designer, or a post with tips on how to overcome a challenge. This demonstrates that you have the right skills to look up information and use the information you need to your advantage. Researching skills are invaluable!

Your Ability to Work Independently

If you decide to run your own blog, it is highly likely that you have great self-discipline and you are quite obviously able to motivate yourself to work and achieve goals. This shows your employer that you are more than capable of working without supervision and it also shows that you are a self-starter who is capable of achieving success without having someone pushing you along the way. This is an essential skill, especially if you are applying for a job that involves working from home.

Your Ability To Work on Different Things Simultaneously

As a blogger, you inherently develop the skill of working on a number of different projects simultaneously. You might be at the stage of discussing a sponsorship opportunity with a PR company, whilst taking the photographs and preparing the text for an upcoming post, managing your social media channels, and fixing the broken links on your site – phew! There are very few jobs out there that don’t require some degree of multitasking, so it’s definitely a skill worth shouting about.

Your Ability to Build Relationships

Finally, blogging is all about building relationships; with your readers, with other bloggers and with PR companies. This requires you to be professional and friendly, and to know how to communicate effectively with others face-to-face, over the phone, via email, or on social media. And what employer wouldn’t want that!?

Are there any other skills that you have gained through blogging? And do you add your blog to your CV?




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