Beauty Blogs I’m Loving | 5 Bloggers To Follow

One of my favourite ways to unwind in the evenings is by catching up on some of my favourite blogs. Today I’ll be sharing 5 of my favourite beauty blogs, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already!

Emmy’s Beauty Cave

I’ve been following Emmy’s Beauty Cave for as along as I can remember, and it is by far one of my favourite beauty blogs out there. Emmy’s blog is packed with honest beauty product reviews (including lots and lots of swatches, which I love!) as well as lifestyle posts, blogging tips and some yummy recipes (you need to check out her recent gooey chocolate brownie recipe!).  

Jasmine Talks Beauty

Jasmine Talks Beauty is also one that I have been following ever since I first started blogging, and it’s been amazing watching Jasmine’s blog grow! Jasmine’s photography is amazing and very distinctive, and her blog is packed with the prettiest makeup products that make you instantly want to add to your shopping basket and click purchase! From beauty product round-ups to brands you need to know about, Jasmine’s blog is definitely one you need to check out.

Beauty With Charm

Beauty With Charm is another must-read blog for beauty-lovers! Alina’s blog is packed with gorgeous photos of the latest beauty releases and the makeup products that you need in your life (complete with amazing swatches, of course!), as well as fashion and lifestyle posts. I’d also highly recommend checking out Alina’s Instagram page, which is just pure #goals.

Spread the Sparkle

Kara’s blog is another one of my absolute favourite beauty blogs. It is packed with amazing content and I always look forward to a new Spread the Sparkle blog post popping up on my Bloglovin feed! From wish list posts to beauty product features, reviews and fantastic photography, Kara’s blog has it all and is one you definitely need to check out if you’re a beauty addict like I am. You’ll definitely make a few new beauty discoveries that you’ll need to add to your shopping basket!

Tea and Beauty

Last but most definitely not least, Caroline’s blog, Tea and Beauty, has recently had a major revamp, and it’s looking better than ever! Tea and Beauty is definitely one that you need to check out if you love reading all about best beauty finds, honest product reviews, skincare, and lifestyle posts, including travel, books and more. Caroline’s lovely personality shines through in her blog posts and I can’t wait to see more from Caroline this year! 

Who are your favourite beauty bloggers?
Share the love in the comments section below 🙂


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