10 Bloggers Reveal The Mistakes They Made When They First Started Blogging

mistakes They Made When They First Started Blogging

A few weeks ago I shared 5 mistakes that I made when I first started blogging (here), and this turned out to be one of my most popular blog posts to date. So I decided to ask 10 other bloggers what mistakes they made when they first started blogging, and today I’ll be sharing what they said.

Freshly Pressed Beauty | I think a big mistake that loads of people probably do (myself included) is not to compare yourself with other bloggers. It can be demotivating to do so and every blogger is different. Just make it your own and do your own thing without comparing yourself to others.

Laura Hadley | I made the mistake of not trying to take good photos! All my photos were so tiny, you could barely see the products I was talking about and it in general looked so basic. I took the time to pay attention to my photos and I’m so happy with them now!

The Improving Cook | I thought Twitter was the be all and end all, when it fact I get less traffic from there than any other social media. I spent a lot of time on there until I got into google analytics and realised it wasn’t working! Second one for me was not realising how important lovely long pin images are for Pinterest. I ended up going back and making better pinnacle images for all my early recipes

A Day in the Life of a Mum of 6 | I didn’t research enough and jumped straight in. I learnt by my mistakes which was a bonus. My advice would be to plan as much as you can. Research loads, ask other bloggers for tips. As a newbie it’s very easy to want to except every offer given. I read an amazing piece by a blogger that I look up to massively saying be picky from the start and for me she was correct in her thinking.

Kinsey’s Blog | Spent too much time trying to be like what everyone else was doing when it wasn’t really me. I was making wishlist and outfit inspiration boards when I didn’t want to do that. I forgot that it is my blog and I can put whatever I like on there. I write a lot about my mental health now which might not get as many hits but it feels true to me

Kumbear xo | I think my biggest blogging blunder was being afraid to put my real personality out there. I used to follow the blogging crowd and avoid topics because I was worried about what people would think or if it would cause a negative backlash and ruin my ‘brand image’. But nope! People apparently love a blabbermouth – it was only when I started voicing my opinion that people started engaging with me especially on Twitter! I gained over 10k followers on there from literally just being myself and speaking my mind

Coffee & Blogging | Mine was not thinking my name blog name through long enough. When it came to buying the domain 3 years ago, I was impatient and just wanted to get the ball rolling, so literally picked my favourite meal – how creative…Now, as a result, I’ve had to go through the whole process of rebranding my blog which will now be live next week! [NOW LIVE]

Jasmine McRae | My blogging mistake was ‘forgetting’ to blog for about 8 months – I was lazy, super unmotivated and lost so many followers!

Darling Jordan | Trying to be like everyone else, and buying newly released products just because others were!

Renna Creighton | One mistake was accepting reviews for really low priced items. What I should have done is made sure that all my social media channels that are connected to my blog had the same name/handle etc. I should have made a separate Twitter blog account and a personal account so as not to mix them up. Another mistake was taking really bad photos and using them….. So embarrassing now looking back at them! Nothing happens overnight and I wish I didn’t think that it would be easy, as it’s not. It’s time and a lot of effort. I should have learnt more before even starting the blog.

5 Blogging Mistakes I Made When I First Started Blogging