Winter Skincare Handbag Must-Haves

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There are many things I love about winter; hot chocolate complete with tons of whipped cream, cosy nights in, and long, hot baths. However, there are two things that I really hate; chapped lips and dry hands.

The cold weather and lack of humidity in winter can cause your hands and lips to dry out and become chapped. Not only does this mean that your lipstick won’t look great on your lips, but dry lips and hands can also become quite sore. In order to combat this, I’ve recently been carrying around a few skincare essentials in my handbag, and I’ve already noticed a massive improvement.

The first product I’ve been keeping in my handbag is the Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm in ‘Vanilla’. Carmex might not be a new product to most people – and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try it – but this little product sure packs a punch, especially considering that it costs under a fiver! Carmex has been around for over 75 years, so the company definitely knows what it’s doing when it comes to lip care. This super moisturising lip balm smells amazing and feels incredible on the lips. The formula contains Lanolin and Beeswax to hydrate the lips, Camphor Oil to soothe chapped skin, and Menthol which also hydrates the lips, kills germs, and provides a pleasant and light tingly sensation. It can be used to prevent dry lips and to speed up the healing process.

I have also been using the Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm Tube in ‘Mint’. Although I prefer the application of the normal lip balm, this tube is a lovely treat for your lips as it contains Peppermint Oil that creates a cooling and soothing effect on the lips, which I love.  Both of these lip balms contain SPF 15 to protect the lips from sun damage. 

In order to combat my almost-permanently dry winter hands, I have been using The Body Shop Spiced Apple Hand Cream. The Body Shop hand creams are perfect for on-the-go hydration as they are quickly absorbed into the skin and leave your hands feeling and smelling amazing. I love the Spiced Apple range from the Christmas collection, however they also come in other gorgeous fragrances including Coconut, Satsuma and Shea. Best of all, these cost just £4, which is a pretty good bargain.

What skincare products do you keep in your handbag in winter?


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*This post is in collaboration with Carmex.*

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