Shaping Your Exercise Plan to Fit Your Lifestyle | Guest Post

The old saying “new year, new me” is something that is thrown around over the cold month of January. Making a change towards a healthier lifestyle should be something that we are conscious of all year round.

Work, social and life-in-general can all get in the way of our gym routine. Once the daily 9-5 grind is over, the struggle to pull ourselves to the gym can be extremely tiresome. Staying fit while you are in a demanding job can be tough, however, these mind over matter tricks will help you succeed.

Choose an exercise style you enjoy

If you are already dreading your midweek run, that may be a sign that running is not for you and that’s ok! The first step to success is being realistic with yourself and your abilities.

If you already feel negative towards running, trying something is an excellent way to experiment with exercise. Yoga, weight training, and dance are all great ways to work out. Mix up your routine or choose one which fits your lifestyle, personality, and taste.

Set goals

This may seem fairly obvious, but setting a goal is a great way to motivate yourself. Target weight isn’t always the answer; it could be that you want to fit into a dress that has been lying in your cupboard since the beginning of time.

Working out with a friend is a great way of reaching goals and a bit of friendly competition is good for the soul – just watch the Kardashian’s snapchats for evidence of this!

Create an exercise programme

Glasgow Gym Anytime Fitness recommend that their clients create a programme with a personal trainer before they hit the treadmill: “Getting yourself into shape will not happen overnight…a programme that will get you seeing results as soon as possible.”

Building a fitness plan is a critical element of an exercise regime. Incorporating lifestyle changes outside of the gym is also important.

A good fitness plan should also track how much sleep you are getting, how much water you are drinking and how well you are eating. By keeping an eye on these elements it will make you feel better on the inside and on the outside.

Track your progress

Make sure you are tracking your progress, making a note on your phone’s calendar of when you have worked out and how long for. There are also a number of apps that can help you track your progress. By calculating how much you have exercised each week, month or year so you can identify the areas you need to improve on.

Pick something over nothing

That after work hour at the gym can seem never ending. If you are having a rough day, choosing just one section of your workout to complete is better than doing nothing at all. Working with a personal trainer you can create an effective program that can be completed in the most efficient way.

HIIT workouts are the latest trend in the exercise work and they can be completed in just 30 mins. HIIT also known as high-intensity interval training is a training technique requires 100% effort for just a short period of time. HIIT works by increasing your heart rate which will burn more fat in less time.

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About the author:

Melissa is a young professional and lifestyle blogger from Glasgow, Scotland. She is currently working with Glasgow Gym, Anytime Fitness, encouraging her readers to have a happier and healthier 2017.