Living On a Desert Island | 3 Things I Would (& Wouldn’t) Miss

There are so many things we take for granted in the modern world; iPhones, Netflix, car journeys & being able to fly to a different country. This got me thinking, what are the things I would miss if I were to find myself on a desert island?

Flogas ( recently conducted a study in which 85% of people said they have thought about the possibility of escaping modern society and living in a more remote location. Although this might sound like a brilliant idea to some, there would inevitably be certain things that you would miss.

Things I Would Miss

The first thing I would miss (& the thing I would miss the most) may sound cliché, but it would hands down be my family and boyfriend. I am very close to my family and boyfriend and find it hard to imagine living on a desert island without them. I would probably have to kidnap them and take them all along with me – whether they like it or not!

The second thing I would miss is the Internet. I pretty much live my entire life online – starting from the moment I wake up when I check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, my emails, the news, the weather, – to the moment right before I sleep when I watch YouTube or Netflix. Having no Internet access would also mean not being able to blog, which is something I would also really miss!

The third thing I would miss is having a hot bath or shower. Not only would I probably end up being very smelly (not that anyone would be there to smell me, I suppose!) – but nothing quite beats the feeling of a nice hot Lush bath or shower at the end of the day to wind down and relax.

Things I Wouldn’t Miss

Although I generally love being in the company of people, well, I also sometimes can’t stand people (I may have to blame PMS for this). The first thing I wouldn’t miss is people who are just annoying. Let’s face it, annoying people are everywhere – whether it’s your super nosy colleague, a rude bus driver, or that person who walks super slowly in the middle of the pavement. Everywhere, that is, except for on a desert island – woohoo!

The second thing I wouldn’t miss is crowds of people. Because what’s worse than being surrounded by annoying people? Being surrounded and pushed and pulled and pretty much being stuck to sweaty, annoying people.

The final thing I wouldn’t miss is a bit of a strange one, as it’s also something that I said that I would miss – and that’s the Internet! Although I would probably find it hard to adjust to life sans Internet, I would also love to be able to experience what life was like before the Internet basically took over all of are lives. Coming across a breathtaking view and not thinking ‘Oh, that would make an awesome Instagram!’, making an accomplishment and not going ‘Oh I better let all my friends on Facebook know, even though they probably don’t care!’, or even writing actual handwritten notes and letters rather than sending off a quick email. Wouldn’t life be different!?

What is one thing you would and wouldn’t miss if you were to find yourself on a remote island?

This is a collaborative post.