How To Get The Most Out of Your Sleep

How To Get The Most Out of Your Sleep

Getting enough sleep is super important to me. I’m one of those people who pretty much turns into a monster if I haven’t had enough sleep (aka at least 9 hours of sleep) the night before. Today I’ll be sharing my top tips on how to get the most out of your sleep.

Find a good sleeping posture

Adjustamatic, a company that manufactures single adjustable beds, recently released a video all about how your sleeping posture can affect the quality of your sleep and can be the cause of any aches or pains you might be experiencing such as backaches or headaches. Something as simple as just changing the number of pillows you sleep with, or replacing your old mattress with an adjustable one can help you sleep soundly and wake up feeling super refreshed and ready to face the day! I recently bought a new set of pillows and found that these really helped reduce some of the pain I was experiencing in my head and neck every morning.

Listen to calming music or a meditation app

Sometimes it may feel like your head simply cannot stop buzzing and thinking about, well, everything when you get into bed! Up until a couple of years ago, my solution for this was to watch YouTube videos or a TV episode on my iPad – and although doing this did send me to sleep, it didn’t allow me to enjoy a really relaxed, deep sleep. This is because the light from electronic devices affects the level of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin in our bodies, resulting in poor quality sleep. Since then, I have been trying to stop or limit my use of technology to at least one hour before getting into bed. Reading a book or listening to some calming music or a meditation app can induce a deep sleep by helping to relax your mind and your muscles, and slow down your breathing.

Take a warm bath or shower

I’m definitely more of an evening/nighttime shower kind of person. I find that having a warm shower at night is such a great way of winding down – plus it also means that you can get an extra 10 minutes in bed the next morning! Research suggests that a warm shower or bath temporarily raises your body temperature which then drops abruptly when you get into bed, sending your body a signal that you are ready to sleep. I’ve recently been using the Lush Twilight Shower Gel followed by the Lush Sleepy Body Lotion, which both contain lavender oil, before going to sleep and I find that they really help me relax before getting into bed. Unfortunately both products were part of the limited edition Lush Christmas range, however Lush also do a bath bomb in the same scent which I would highly recommend.

What is your top tip for getting the most out of your sleep?


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