How to Get Free Perfume Samples

Before I invest in a perfume, I like to try out different samples to decide on which scent is the perfect ‘me’ scent. Sure, a perfume might smell great when you first spray it on, however you can’t really test the way the scent develops throughout the day and its longevity, without giving it a proper try for a few days.

Although getting your hands on perfume samples might not seem like an easy task, some companies such as Calvin Klein and Chanel actually have loads of free perfume samples waiting to be shipped out to anyone who’s interested! Here are 3 ways you can get your hands on some perfume samples.

Write to Perfume Companies

There are quite a few perfume companies which you can write to requesting a perfume sample. Visit the company’s ‘About’ or ‘Contact Us’ page and use the information provided to email or get in touch with that company. Share the positive experiences you have had with the company and their products, and ask for some free samples at the end of the email. It’s worth a try and you’ve got nothing to lose!

Ask for Samples In-Store

Take the time to visit department stores in person and ask for perfume samples there. Two of the best stores where you can get perfume samples completely free are John Lewis and Debenhams. If you are purchasing anything from a counter, don’t be shy to ask the sales assistant if they’ve got any samples available. In most cases, the answer will be yes – especially if there has recently been a new release.

Freebie Websites

The best UK free stuff websites collect offers that are free and then they make free stuff, such as samples, available to customers via their website. Although you may not always be able to control the brands that you are able to sample, these sites are a great way of discovering new products which you may not not have otherwise looked into.

Make sure that you always read the fine print found on these kinds of websites and make sure that you are 100% certain of how their process works prior to trying them out. The freebie websites that are really trustworthy will never ask you to hand over credit card information in exchange for free samples.


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