Blogging Goals 2016 | How I Did & What I Will Do Differently in 2017

BLOGging GOALS 2016

I set up Beauty and the Bird back in June 2013, yet it is only in 2016 that I finally decided to set myself some goals in terms of what I wanted to achieve with my blog. As it’s the new year, I am taking a look back at the goals I had set myself, whether I achieved these goals, and what I will be changing about my blogging goals for 2017.

Goal 1: Post 2-3 blog posts per week

Achieved? Yes.

In 2016, I published 235 blog posts, that’s nearly as many blog posts as I had published in the previous 3 years combined! Several factors contributed to this, and I will go into this in an upcoming post. However, I believe that the main reason is that I just found blogging to be a lot easier this year – in spite of working full time since April. I felt so inspired to work on my blog and create new content, and whenever I had a bad day and things weren’t going my way, I would log on to Blogger and start writing about my latest beauty discovery or the things I had been up to lately.

What will I do differently?

Although I’ve enjoyed creating so much content last year, this year I will try and focus on actually sticking to a schedule. One of the most well-known blogging secrets out there is that consistency is key. Most readers like knowing when┬áto expect a post on your blog, so I will be making an extra effort to develop and stick to a schedule.

Goal 2: Reach 2000 followers on Bloglovin

Achieved? Yes.

I must admit, I find that Bloglovin isn’t the easiest platform when it comes to gaining subscribers as there is a certain amount of luck involved with growing a substantial following on the platform. However, this year I managed to reach 2285 followers. Things like interacting with other bloggers on Bloglovin, saving their posts, sharing your Bloglovin link on your blog and including Bloglovin in your giveaways like can all contribute to growing your subscriber base, and I will definitely carry on doing these throughout the coming year.

What will I do differently?

In order to gain more followers on Bloglovin I will be making an effort to share my Bloglovin link more frequently on my social media channels, as this is something that I rarely do. And if you aren’t following me on Bloglovin yet, feel free to do so here #cheekyplug

Goal 3: Reach 2000 followers on Twitter

Achieved? Yes.

Twitter is by far my favourite social media channel. I really focused on this in 2016 and managed to reach 3380 followers by December. Weekly blogger chats, interactive with other bloggers and readers, running giveaways and generally being active are things I found essential to growing my Twitter followers in 2016. I also wrote a blog post on how bloggers can make the most out of Twitter.

What will I do differently?

I plan on staying active on Twitter throughout the coming year (and let’s face it, this isn’t so hard seeing as I’m so addicted to it!). I also plan on taking part in blogger chats more frequently – at least once or twice a week – and possibly hosting a couple of chats myself. I am also planning a few giveaways exclusive to my Twitter page.

Goal 4: Reach 400 likes on Facebook

Achieved? Yes.

Although Facebook generally isn’t the biggest source of traffic to my blog, I have stayed active on my page over the past year and reached 893 likes in December. I found that being active on Facebook groups by interacting with other bloggers and sharing my link has helped immensely. However as the current Facebook algorithm stands, it is not very easy for the posts on your Facebook page to gain a high reach.

What will I do differently?

When it comes to Facebook, there isn’t much I would actually do differently. I will carry on being active both on my Facebook page and on several Facebook groups. I might also start sharing my blog posts more frequently on my personal Facebook profile.

Goal 5: Reach a DA score of 25

Achieved? No.

I started working a lot harder on improving my DA score over the past year and managed to climb up to 23, falling just short of my goal. I definitely noticed that my DA score corresponded with the number of opportunities I got when it came to working with brands this year, so I will definitely carry on working hard on implementing SEO on my blog and researching new ways on doing so. You can check out my tips on improving your DA score here and here.

What will I do differently?

When it comes to working on SEO and improving your DA, you can never have enough done! This year I will be focus on writing more guest posts, gaining backlinks, getting rid of any broken links on my blog and generally optimising my site! Fortunately I love working on SEO so I’m looking forward to this.

I’m really looking forward to working on Beauty and the Bird throughout 2017 and have set more specific, detailed goals for the upcoming year. I really look forward to taking you on this journey with me!