5 Things I Learned From Going Completely Makeup Free For 2 Weeks

I love makeup. I love the way it can make your skin look dewy and your eyes look brighter. I love the (therapeutic) process of applying it. And I just love the way it can give you the confidence to conquer the world.

I wasn’t planning on going makeup free for 2 weeks. It kind of just happened. For some people, going makeup free most of the time is completely normal – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However I normally reach for my favourite liquid liner, mascara and lipstick (and foundation, concealer, powder, blusher, and eyeshadow) on a daily basis. But going completely bare-faced for 2 weeks has taught me a number of things!

Lesson 1: Getting ready in the morning takes about 10 minutes

Getting ready in the morning normally takes me at least 30 minutes. However, remove a full makeup routine from your morning routine, and it’s amazing how much time you can save (and how much extra time you get in bed!). This is definitely one of the best things about going makeup free – especially for someone who loves a lie-in!

Lesson 2: Not having to remove your makeup before going to bed is THE MOST AMAZING FEELING

We’ve all been there. You’re getting home late, you’re exhausted, and you know you’re going to head STRAIGHT to bed as soon as you step through the front door. Then suddenly you realise… you’ve still got a full face of makeup on and you’ve got to spend your precious time removing it. Going makeup free made me realise just how amazing it is to not have to worry about this and spend an extra 10 minutes removing your makeup every night before getting into bed. I still cleansed my face using the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash to remove any dirt from my face every night, however this took nowhere near as much time it would normally take me to remove my makeup (including my very stubborn mascara).

Lesson 3: My skin LOVES not being smothered in foundation everyday

As my makeup free days progressed, I noticed my skin started looking better and better. All my spots started disappearing, and I became pretty much spot-free. I also noticed my skin started looking really glowy (especially when my dad asked, ‘why’s your forehead so shiny!?’ – but let’s just blame that on the moisturiser!). Overall, my skin’s appearance improved drastically, to the point where I didn’t even mind that I wasn’t wearing any foundation!

Lesson 4: You can tackle that itch in your eye with no fear of smudging

Whether it’s an itch in your eye or you need to blow your nose, you must always proceed with caution when you’ve got makeup on, unless you want to end up with panda eyes / an awkward missing patch of makeup on your nose. However, if you’ve got no makeup on your face to begin with, then you can itch your eyes / blow your nose to your heart’s content!

Lesson 5: I really REALLY love makeup

What I’ve learnt from not wearing any makeup for 2 weeks is that, despite all the positive things that I’ve mentioned, I still really missed wearing makeup! Apart from the fact that people keep questioning whether you’re feeling alright (yes, I’ve just got naturally pale skin) or why your forehead is so shiny (it’s GLOWING, dad) – nothing quite compares to the feeling of applying some liquid liner and instantly looking/feeling more awake, or applying your favourite Charlotte Tilbury lipstick before heading out to a meeting and feeling like you’re totally ready to face the day. And although applying makeup does add a considerable amount of time to my morning routine, it’s actually the only part of my morning routine that I enjoy – applying makeup is pretty fun!

Would you ever go makeup free? Or do you go makeup free everyday?