3 New Things I Want To Try This Year + Giveaway!

I’d given up on making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. However, I do still enjoy setting myself some goals that I’d like to achieve throughout the year. Below are 3 things I want to try this year. 

1. Read More

Last year, I read the grand total of one and a half books, which is pretty embarrassing. One of the books that I read was ‘My Blogging Secrets’ by Amber McNaught, which I absolutely loved and would highly recommend to any bloggers who may be reading this – full review here. This year I really want to make an effort and make more time to read books – whether it’s in the bath, before I go to bed or whenever I’ve got any spare time. Reading books is a great way of relaxing and winding down – so much better than watching Netflix! Lately I’ve noticed that I prefer reading non-fiction books to fiction books so I’ve just started reading ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k’ by Sarah Knight. I’d love your recommendations for books to read this year!

2. Watch More Films

Although I really love watching films, I’m one of those people who hasn’t watched about 95% of films that everyone else has seen. This year I really want to watch some of the classics that have been watched and loved by generations! Some of these films include: Dirty Harry (an action thriller that was released in 1971), Westworld (a science fiction film about a Western-themed amusement park), Get Carter (a crime film about a London gangster who investigates his brother’s seemingly-accidental death), Goodfellas (a crime film about the rise and fall of mob associate Henry Hill) and Strangers on a Train (a psychological thriller about two strangers who meet on a train – a tennis player and a psychopath). Check out the films here. I really want to branch out of watching rom-coms this year!

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3. Learn To Cook More ‘Proper Food’

I’ve really got into baking throughout the last couple of years and although this is great, it isn’t exactly healthy (oh how I’d love to live off cupcakes and cookies!). So this year I want to learn how to make more ‘proper food’ – hearty, healthy meals that are actually good for you! I recently (finally) created a Pinterest account and I’ve been scrolling through and pinning loads of healthy recipes that I cannot wait to try! Oh, and I’d love it if you could give me a follow on Pinterest *wink wink*!

Are you planning on trying anything new this year?


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