New Year, New Start: How to De-Clutter Your Home For The New Year

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Forget about spring cleaning, it’s all about decluttering at the start of the New Year!

As the Christmas decorations come back down (sob!) and we’re all gearing up for the new year, I find it necessary, even sort of tempting, to get rid of any clutter and start the new year afresh in a clear home. Today I’ll be sharing some tips on how to declutter for the New Year and some easy ways on how to store your Christmas decorations and get rid of any clutter that is lying around the house.

1. Store away your Christmas decorations

The first step to tidy your house for the New Year is by taking down your Christmas decorations and storing them away. We normally store away our decorations in cardboard boxes from Davpack, and it’s a good idea to store the decorations in different boxes either according to what room the decorations are normally in (living room, kitchen, outdoors) or else according to the type of decorations (tree baubles, tinsel, bunting). You can them label the boxes on the outside, which will make unpacking everything so much easier next Christmas!

2. Use the Four-Box Method

Clutter can accumulate in your house due to several reasons such as sentimental attachment (#guilty), lack of organisation, or simply owning too much stuff. As you go through your clutter, it’s worth trying out the Four Box Method. Use four boxes labelled ‘throwing away’, ‘giving away’, ‘keeping’ or ‘relocating’. This will help you consider each item carefully and can be a very effective way of getting rid of any unnecessary items in your home.

3. Go through the clutter you’ve been avoiding all year

I’m definitely guilty of having a ‘clutter corner’ where the things that I don’t really need to keep seem to accumulate over the months. These could be things such as old receipts, event tickets, old magazines, old chargers that are barely useable, and shoe boxes because ‘you never know when you might need them’. Well, most of the time you won’t ever need to use them again and they are only contributing to unnecessary clutter! The New Year is the perfect time to go through these items and get rid of anything that you know, deep down, you will most probably never use again.

4. Donate to charity

Keep the Christmas spirit of donating alive in the New Year by going through the items in your wardrobe and donating any clothes that are in good condition to your local charity shops. If you either (a) haven’t worn an item in sooooo long or (b) will probably never wear again, then why not give it a new home (and make space for that new dress you’ve had your eye on in the sales!)

How will you be de-cluttering your home for the New Year?


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