It’s often a running joke, how long it takes to get ready in the morning, but it needn’t take hours on end to get yourself ready for the day ahead. With a bit of forward planning and clever organisation, you can easily enjoy back some more of those precious minutes in bed every morning!

Get Organised

First things first – it’s time for a clear out. If you find yourself trawling through a bunch of old mascaras and eyeshadows you hardly use each morning just to find your basics, get rid. Empty the contents of your makeup bag and separate your everyday essentials from your night out makeup and separate them into different bags or compartments. Your go-to pieces will be much easier to find each morning, saving your some precious time. Once you’ve finished with your makeup, repeat with your wardrobe! The amount of time I waste each morning looking for that one white shirt I really want to wear is endless, so a clear out would save so much time.

Investing in some technology can also be a big time saver. Getting a super powerful hairdryer and some good quality hair straighteners can get your hair looking great with minimal effort – GHDs are my faves! If you normally wear hair extensions, prepare these the night before to speed up application time in the morning.

To speed up your morning makeup application, try an illuminated mirror like the ones at Pebble Grey. These will offer fab lighting and magnification so you can see every brush stroke and perfect your eyeliner flick!

Plan ahead

Getting everything in order ahead of time will help you to breeze through your morning routine and make it out – with time to spare! Make sure you know your schedule and where you need to be the next day. Set alarms for when you need to get up and have your outfit for the day ready and planned. There is nothing worse than thinking of the perfect outfit, only to be disappointed the next day when you find that it’s still in the laundry pile! 

As soon as you wake up, ensure the hot water is turned on for a shower as this could add an extra 30 minutes onto your getting ready time. If you are planning on tanning or need to fix your brows, do this the evening before and set time aside each week to do so.


Once you’ve planned ahead, it’s time to get yourself into a routine that works and that you can stick to. If showering in the morning is too much of a rush, take the time to have a long shower or a relaxing bath the night before. Getting into the routine of washing before bed will save plenty of time in the morning and will make getting into your fresh PJs even nicer after a long day. I’m definitely more of a night-time showerer! 

After you’ve had your full 8 hours sleep and the alarm rings for a new day, start the morning right by sticking to having your breakfast and a cuppa first thing. Get this out of the way and all you have left to do is apply your makeup without distractions, put on your already selected outfit and you’re good to go!

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