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I love choosing gifts for my family and friends at Christmas. However, getting to actually create a custom gift makes this even more special. CaseCompany specialise in good quality custom phone and laptop cases. Unlike most other custom phone case companies, CaseCompany make custom cases for over 100 different smartphone models and provide free shipping worldwide, which I thought was pretty impressive.

In addition to custom phone and laptop cases, the company also have a fantastic range of pre-designed phone cases which are super (super super) cute. In fact, I chose the gorgeous floral phone case in the photos above from the pre-designed collection. Other designs which I absolutely adore are: this cute lip-print design, this ‘Pink Positive’ flamingo design, and this colourful ombre design. You can choose for your chosen design to come in a soft case, hard case, matte case, flip-style case, or 3D case, which is the one I went for.

If you’d like to win a phone case, iPad case, or laptop sleeve with your own custom design (or one from the CaseCompany collection) head over to THIS INSTAGRAM PIC. Good luck!

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*This post is in collaboration with CaseCompany.*

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