As 2016 draws to a close, I thought I would have a think back to all the things that made me happy in 2016. I’d love to know one thing that made you happy over the past year in the comments section below – that way we can all end 2016 on a positive note! 🙂

2016 is the year that I really got into blogging, and I feel that the quality of my blog posts has really improved – although I’ve still got a long way to go! I posted more blog posts this year than I have since I first started blogging and I have really tried to improve my photography. I’ve gone out of my comfort zone by working on some OOTD posts and managed to blog consistently in spite of working full time. I’d really appreciate any feedback you’ve got about how I can improve my blog over the coming year in my Blog Survey 2016 (you can even win free advertising for your blog by completing the survey!). Check out my most popular blog posts of 2016.


2016 was the year when I graduated with a Masters in Occupational Psychology – woohoo! After 2 years of studying by distance learning, graduation day came along in April, and I had a lovely day with my family and boyfriend. Fortunately, the weather in London was nice and sunny, and I will never forget the feeling of walking around central London dressed in a graduation gown and hat – I couldn’t ask for anything better! I wrote a dedicated post about my graduation here.

My Family & Boyfriend & Friends

My family and boyfriend Ben have played an incredibly important part in making me happy this year. They have been super supportive and extremely patient with me, as well as always knowing how to make me smile and laugh (plus, they all give the best hugs and cuddles too!)

‘My’ Cats

You may have seen a couple of cute little kitties make an appearance over on my Instagram account over the past year – and you may be surprised to know that it’s not because we’ve adopted or bought a cat of our own. A couple of friendly neighbourhood cats have decided to adopt us as their unofficial human family and pay us multiple visits, several times a day. Fluffy and Josephine (yes, really) have become a part of our family over the past year, and I can’t imagine coming home without being greeted by them outside the front door. Just look at Fluffy’s cute little eyes!


Although there were times when I felt really shit about myself over the past year, there were also some times when I felt really happy and proud of myself. I’ve learnt a lot about what I like and don’t like, and I’ve started gaining a bit of an idea about what I want to do in my life, career-wise. I’ve also became very aware about how much I tend to take notice about what other people think about me – and that learning not to care too much is important in order to feel happier and calmer!

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