New Look Bomber Jacket

New Look Bomber Jacket

So, you know when you’ve got your eye on something for a good few months but resist putting it in your basket because you can’t quite justify spending that much money on it.

Then, one fine day you realise it’s only GONE ON SALE FOR HALF PRICE! Well, that’s what recently happened to me with this gorgeous navy suede bomber jacket!

I am a huge fan of bomber jackets and loved the thin, summer-appropriate ones that were all over the high street earlier this year. However, I didn’t want my bomber jacket affair to end just yet, so I have been on the lookout for a slightly thicker bomber that I can wear throughout the colder months – and that’s when I came across this beautiful suede bomber jacket on the New Look website.

Originally priced at £34.99, the jacket is currently on sale for just £15 – definitely one of the best bargains I have come across this year! The quality of this is also pretty amazing. It feels and looks much more expensive than it actually is.

Get it before it’s gone!


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