OOTD Photography



Photography is a huge part of blogging nowadays. If you think of all the blogs you follow and enjoy reading regularly you will probably notice that most, if not all of these, have amazing photography. However, how can you take professional-looking blog photos when your best friend or boyfriend doesn’t happen to be a professional photographer?

Of course, when it comes to taking product photos you can easily take the photos yourself – there are tons of online resources where you can get tips on how to improve your photography, and I have found these to be very useful for my blog. Check out Pint sized Beauty’s blog for tips on how to create the perfect flatlay. On the other hand, things may not be so simple when you want to create an OOTD or fashion post. Asking a friend or family member to take some outfit photos for you is always a good option, however if you want super professional-looking photos, it’s always better to ask a professional.

One way of getting in touch with a professional photographer is through Bidvine, a London-based company that connects you to service providers, allowing you to get quotes from local professionals. The way Bidvine works is you log on to the website and request the service you need – such as portrait photography – and type in what postcode you’re in. Once you’ve done this, you will start to receive custom quotes from professionals who would be interested in working with you. You then simply review the quotes and hire your preferred professional – simple as that!

Bidvine’s services also extend to other services besides photography. These include accounting, search engine optimisation, advertising, illustrating, web content writing, personal training, and more. You can also check reviews that other users have left for your chosen professional, and compare their qualifications and references. At the moment, Bidvine is available for those living in London, however the company is currently expanding to other parts of the UK too.

This is a collaborative post.