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As a bride-to-be, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to hair accessories — do you go all-out with a tiara or keep it subtle with a classic hair comb? You’re probably confused enough as it is, and that’s before we throw hair vines into the mix!

If you’re still trying to decide, we’re here to help. Here, bridal headband designer, Rosie Willett talks us through the many different bridal hair accessories.

Tiaras & Headbands

It’s fair to say that tiaras are the most misunderstood bridal hair accessory. Many believe they are big and in-your-face but the truth is they can be as large and loud or as small and subtle as you like — it’s entirely up to you. The great thing about tiaras is that they can be worn with your hair up or down, so they’re perfect if you’re still undecided on your hairstyle! They’ll also add some sparkle to your wedding photos, as they sit at the front of your hair.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to the drama of a tiara, a headband is a more subtle option; they share the same versatility and are incredibly elegant.

Hair Combs

Hair combs are another option and are great for adding glamour if your hair is up or partially up. They can be difficult to style when your hair is down though, so a tiara, headband or hair vine may be a wiser choice in that case — and less stressful for your hairdresser on the morning of your big day. Brides who do decide on a hair comb should wear their veil on a separate comb, so that it can be removed easily after the ceremony. You spend too long in the salon to ruin your ‘do!

Hair Vines

If you’re really indecisive, a hair vine could be for you. It’s so versatile that it can be worn in a number of ways — wear it across your forehead for a boho-inspired look, shape it into a crown or let it hang loose to add some subtle glitz to your look.

As well as keeping your hairstyle in mind, you’ll also need to keep in mind your colour scheme when choosing a hair accessory.  If your dress is white or ivory, you pretty much have free range when it comes to the colour of your hair accessory. However, if you’ve decided on a champagne dress or gold overall theme, it’s a good idea to choose a gold accessory to tie your look and the day together.

What is your favourite type of wedding hair accessory?


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*This is a guest post written by Rosie Willett*