Ever since I started blogging over 3 years ago, my room has pretty much become my home office space. I love adding cute little touches to it and it’s now one of the most comfortable and calming place possible for me to work in. However, this doesn’t stop me from frequently browsing Pinterest for inspiration on interior design and different style of commercial furniture that can make my office space look and feel even better.

Below are some of the items I have come across which would make my home office space an absolute dream to work in.


I love the simple, modern design of these bookshelves. They are also super spacious, meaning that they not only look good but they are also very practical. These particular bookshelves come in three different colours, so you can mix and match to create your own storage system.


A simple, tidy desk is a must-have in any office and I absolutely love the style of this particular one. Again, this has a simple, minimalist design which would look great for blogging on AND for taking blog photos of. It also features Bluetooth enabled speakers – perfect for putting on some background music while you work.


A comfortable desk chair is an essential in any office space, and swivel chairs are an absolute must-have for me when I’m working! I love how stylish and comfortable this looks, and it also complements the desk perfectly.


Rugs can make any room instantly more comfortable and inviting. This particular rug looks great with the other modern furniture items and adds a touch of colour whilst keeping to the theme.


A sofa may not be considered as an essential to most office spaces. However I find that I work so much better when I have the option to swap places from my desk to something a little bit more comfy every once in a while (I can’t be the only one, surely!?). This beautiful modern grey sofa is the perfect accompaniment to my dream office – and the perfect excuse to snuggle up under a soft throw and write up some blog posts!

 What would your dream office space look like?

This is a collaborative post.