Lush The Christmas Penguin

Earlier this month I treated myself to a few new bits from the Lush Christmas collection – you can check out my Christmas Lush haul here. Of all the things I picked up, one of them definitely stood out as the cutest, and that is the Lush Christmas Penguin. With two little holes for eyes, and a gummy sweet for a beak, I didn’t know whether I would have to heart to crumble him up in the bath – but I’m so glad I did (I feel so mean!).

Once you crumble the Christmas Penguin under running water, it fills your bath with lots of bubbles (and by lots, I really do mean lots). It also turns the water a light blue colour, and literally feels like you’re relaxing in a light blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds. This produced enough bubbles to last through my entire bath, and you could definitely get away with breaking this in half and using it in 2 baths.

The Lush Christmas Penguin is a sweet, fruity and floral smelling bubble bar. It contains lemon oil, mandarin oil and orange flower absolute to create one of the most comforting, clean scents from Lush. The bubble bar is nicely scented, without being overpowering – it’s just perfect, and fast becoming one of my favourite scents from Lush. Best of all, the scent really lingers on your skin and I could still smell it on my skin the next morning!

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