Ever since I started working full time in April, I have found it much harder to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. Earlier this year I wrote a post all about my yoga experience and how I have grown to love practising yoga from home. However, after getting home late from work, exercise isn’t always the first thing on my mind (on the contrary, food normally is!) – so why not try and incorporate some exercise throughout the entire day?

Office yoga has been gaining popularity over the last few years, and there are tons of resources online which you can use for inspiration. Check out this video for yoga that you can do at your boardroom table from Furniture at Work. The video goes through a number of yoga poses that are (mostly) quite easy yet still effective.

Research suggests that office workers need to try and incorporate at least an hour of exercise into their daily routine. After all, sitting at a desk all day can have a number of unhealthy side effects on your body, such as damage to your internal organs, muscle degeneration, weight gain, anxiety, as well as back pain and neck pain – not ideal! Practising yoga throughout the day can help you feel more energised, and help reduce any muscle pain you may experience as a result of sitting down at your computer all day. Best of all, it can also help clear your mind and allow you to focus better on the task at hand.

There are also lots of other ways you can incorporate exercise in your daily office life, such as going for a short walk around the block, walking across the office to talk to a coworker instead of sending an email (#guilty), and taking the stairs instead of the lift.

I’d love to know whether you’ve got any tips for keeping fit at work in the comments section below!


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*This post is in collaboration with Furniture at Work. All opinions are my own, honest opinions* 
(Yes, I do really believe that we should all do more exercise at work!)