Growing up, I’ve always been surrounded by papers. Whether that was in school, or at home where I would enjoy drawing or colouring in books, paper was a big part of my life (no matter how silly that may sound!). Offices and schools were once home to mountains of papers, and I actually remember my bedroom being literally covered in papers around exam time (anyone else!?).

With the advancements in technology and the introduction of laptops, tablets and smartphones, the world is fast becoming a paperless place, something which IDBS are passionate about. Nowadays, it is possible to work in a fully digital work environment, where all that you need is stored away on a computer, notes are taken on a tablet, correspondence is sent by email and presentations are given electronically (who remembers these bad boys?). It’s hard to imagine life being any other way!

Speaking of going paperless and the advancements in technology, last year I completed my Masters degree by distance learning. Most of this was done electronically, over the internet and other than printing off my final dissertation at the end of the course, there was minimal paper involved throughout the entire time!

Of course, the main benefit of going paperless is that it is great for the environment. However, that is not all. Going paperless means that less storage space is needed in an office, less time is wasted physically looking for documents, and it can potentially mean that documents are kept more secure.

What are your thoughts on #GoingPaperless? 


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*This is post is in collaboration with IDBS. All opinions are my own, honest opinions.*