Lush Christmas 2016

It’s that time of year again – Lush have officially released this year’s Christmas collection and I couldn’t be more excited! I was on the Lush website on the release date ready to treat myself to some of this year’s Christmas bits. After browsing the website for hours, I ended up picking some old favourites, as well as some of the newly revamped products which Lush have launched this year.

Lush Christmas Penguin

The Christmas Penguin

I picked up the sweet smelling Christmas Penguin in the Lush Christmas sale last year, and knew I had to get my hands on it again this year. This bubble bar smells super sweet and citrusy and contains bergamot oil, lemon oil and orange flow absolute. It fills your bath with loads of bubbles and a sweet, uplifting scent!

Golden Wonder

The Golden Wonder bath bomb is one of my favourite Lush products which I stock up on every year. Again, this has a really uplifting sweet, citrusy scent as it contains lime oil and orange oil. This huge present-shaped bath bomb turns your bath a beautiful turquoise colour and fills your bath with little golden stars. You can read a full review and demo of this bath bomb in this blog post.

Lush Shoot For The Stars 2016

Lush Shoot For The Stars

Lush have completely revamped the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb this year – you can see what it looked like last year in this post. The bath bomb is now a bright turquoise colour and contains 3 shiny gold stars at the top. Fortunately, the scent remains unchanged from last year and has still got the most amazing sweet, honey-toffee scent which I absolutely love. Also – the 3 gold stars are actually bath melts made from cocoa butter, which leave your skin feeling soft and nourished.

Luxury Lush Pud

The Luxury Lush Pud is one of the most relaxing bath bombs available from Lush, and one of my favourites for a night time bath. This contains lavender oil and tonka absolute and turns your bath a gorgeous pink colour. I find the lavender scent so relaxing and the scent lingers on your skin so you can still smell it in the morning.

Lush Peeping Santa

Peeping Santa

Despite his funny chocolate button eyes, Peeping Santa is a very cute little bubble bar! This smells very fruity and contains a shea butter layer in the middle which promises to moisturise your skin and leave it feeling super soft. 

So White

So White is one of my favourite Lush bath bombs. Although this doesn’t look like anything special and definitely isn’t one of Lush’s most exciting-looking bath bombs, it smells absolutely divine. This has got the freshest, most uplifting scent and genuinely smells like green apples (despite the fact that it doesn’t actually contain any apple!). This has been slightly revamped since last year and I believe it now turns your water a mint green colour.

Lush So White 2016

Although this is not part of the Lush Christmas collection, I picked up the Frozen bath bomb. This is actually one of my favourite bath bombs from the permanent range as it smells so gorgeous – a great balance between fruity and floral. You can read my full review and demo in this post.


Another non-Christmassy bath product which I had to pick up is the Intergalactic bath bomb. This contains peppermint oil (which you can really smell), as well as grapefruit oil, cedarwood oil and vetivert oil. This smells the most ‘unisex’ of all the bath bombs I bought, and it turns your bath a deep blue colour with lots of silver shimmer. Read my full review and demo here.

What is your favourite product from the Lush Christmas collection this year?


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