There’s one bag that seems to be absolutely everywhere at the moment – this season’s ‘it bag‘ if you will – and it’s this gorgeous velvet cat bag from ASOS.

If you follow me on social media, you may know that I am a huge cat lover. Some people would go as far as describing me as a crazy cat lady, but I’d like to think I hadn’t reached that stage yet (ahem). 

I am normally one of those people who literally carries their whole life around with them in their handbag. So this particular bag is considerably smaller than the bags I would normally go for. However I have recently been trying to downsize my bags and carry less stuff around with me to prevent back ache and neck pains.

The velvet cat bag from ASOS feels like exceptional quality, and its velvet texture makes it look and feel much more expensive than it actually is. Although it’s quite small compared to most of my other bags, it does fit a pretty decent amount of stuff inside as it’s actually quite deep. It’s also got a zip fastening, which I love as it makes it feel more secure.

This bag is really easy to style and is a great way of adding a little something special to any outfit this autumn. Look out for a few OOTD posts coming up, which feature this cute little bag!

What do you think of the ASOS Cat Bag?

Available for £18.


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