As you may have noticed if you read my blog, I love treating myself to new bits of makeup and trying out new beauty products. However, makeup can be quite pricey, and so I love finding new ways on how to save money on makeup. So if you also love watching makeup tutorials like I do, and getting your hands on all the pretty palettes, here are 8 tips on how you can save some money.

1. Don’t underestimate loyalty cards

If used carefully, store credit cards or loyalty cards can actually
score you points which you can then use toward getting free makeup! Most store cards work by rewarding you with points each time you make a purchase – and in turn, you can use these points to get your hands on even more products for free! Most store cards will also reward loyal customers
with special discounts, coupons, and savings. Stay away from any “buy now, pay later” programs since these can end up costing you money in interest and fees. Instead, stick with store cards that award points for purchases which can be used to purchase more products.

2. Beauty samples

Free beauty samples are one of the best ways to try out new
makeup without shelling out any money. WOW
is one of the best sources around for free beauty samples and
other freebies. One of the main benefits of WOW FreeStuff and other freebie sites
is that it’s not just free makeup samples. You can try many different products
without having to buy them. This allows you to find out which products are
right for you before actually purchasing them.

3. Multipurpose products

Makeup can often be used in several ways. For example, try a
bit of lipstick on your cheeks for an instant rosy glow, or get creative and use
your highlighter to brighten up the area around your eyes. Check out Cosmopolitan‘s incredible makeover using only one lipstick. One of my favourite multipurpose makeup products is the Topshop Highlighter in Horizon. I love using this as a bronzer, highlighter or even as an eyeshadow! Knowing how to use a single makeup product in several ways
is a great way to save money.

4. Look for some hidden gems in the drugstore!

There is no doubt that the professional and lovely packaging
from brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Dior and Chanel makes their products incredibly attractive. However,
there is really no need to spend so much on a lipstick when you can get some great ones on the high street too! In fact, brands such as Rimmel and L’Oreal make some pretty incredible lipstick which can rival some higher end ones.

Here’s a little trade secret: most designer makeup brands use the
same ingredients as less expensive brands, and are sometimes even produced in the same factory. The difference in cost is mostly due to the brand name, and the added fragrance or essential oils which higher end brands use.

5. Get the most from the makeup you already own.

There is nothing more frustrating than investing in a lipstick or foundation, then letting not using it all. There’s always
a bit of product stuck down in the tube and you simply cannot get it out. Try placing the lipstick tube in a bowl of hot water. Let it
sit for a few minute and then pour out the melted lipstick into an old contact
lens container. You can then use a lipstick brush to get every last drop of
lipstick on your lips.

6. Make use of discount offers and coupons.

Sign up for discount newsletters and coupon sites to find
more deals on makeup. If you are willing to wait a few days for your products,
these can provide great savings on many beauty items. You can even sign up for a newsletter for your favourite department stores or brands to keep
tabs on when your favourite brands are on sale.

7. Use only what you need.

Although I love wearing a full face of makeup myself, when it comes to makeup, it’s easy to put on way more than you actually need. You may
begin with just a touch of lipgloss or eyeliner, but as you get more comfortable with a makeup routine,
you may find yourself using more and more of it. If you start viewing your makeup as an investment, you will
begin to see that it is best to use only what you need and not use too much.

8. Buy duty-free!

Whenever I know I will be flying somewhere, I always plan my makeup purchases
to take advantage of the sales in the duty-free shops. It is possible to find
some great discounts and if your currency has a good conversion rate, you may
score some incredible deals on brands such as MAC and Benefit!

What is your top tip for saving money on makeup?


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*This post is in collaboration with WOWfreestuff.co.uk. All opinions are my own, honest opinions.*