As autumn is just round the corner, I have been making a few changes around the house to make it feel more cosy and autumnal. The only problem with redecorating the house is that this can sometimes be quite expensive. The team at Auto Advance have provided some great tips to help rejuvenate and redecorate your home without the hefty cost.


Upcycling is a fantastic way of redecorating your home on a budget.  This involves taking something which you have either found laying around the house or bought from a charity shop, and transforming it into something completely different.

This could involve something as simple as repainting some ageing furniture to spruce it up, or it could involve changing the function of an item entirely, such as changing a ladder into a set of shelves. Not only is this an inexpensive way of transforming your home, but it can also be a fun project to get the whole family involved in. Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration if you’re considering upcycling in your home.

Charity Shops

Apart from being a place where you can find products to upcycle, charity shops can be a real goldmine when hunting for new bits of furniture or room decor that could help change the look and
feel of a room.

A ‘new’ lamp, some vintage artwork or piece of furniture can instantly transform how a room looks. Changing the layout of a room could also make a huge difference without needing to purchase any new items.

But what if a change of furniture isn’t enough?

Quick (+ Simple) Tweaks

Introducing a different colour to a room by painting a section of the wall or introducing some soft furnishings in a new colour can instantly transform the feel of the room. Changing one key feature of a room can completely change how it looks. A quick trick for redecorating a room quickly is to decorate
one wall, painting it a different colour, then tying the rest of the room
together with a matching rug, cushions or throw.

Deciding how you want to redecorate your home before you start, deciding on a budget and looking at the best ways to maximise the effectiveness of the budget you’ve set are 3 key ways of minimising the costs of redecorating.

What are your top tips for redecorating your space?

This is a collaborative post.