As the weather starts to get chilly, it’s time to get the big fluffy slippers out again! One of my favourite things about the autumn/winter is the soft and fluffy nightwear – including the snuggly PJs, super cosy dressing gowns and of course, the big, comfy bedroom slippers. Although there are sooo many cute slippers on the high street at this time of year, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3 favourite slippers – all of which are available on ASOS.

ASOS Flamingo Princess Slippers

I simply cannot resist something that’s fluffy, shiny and pink, and these flamingo slippers are probably my favourite slippers out of the three! I love big, quirky looking bedroom slippers so these are right up my street. Complete with a silver jewelled crown, these will almost definitely be making their way into my shopping basket on payday.

ASOS Halloween Bat Slippers

‘Bat slippers’ never sounded appealing, however ASOS have somehow managed to make these bat slippers look SUPER CUTE! These slippers feature glow-in-the-dark eyes, which, in theory does seem a little bit creepy – however this doesn’t stop them being cute nonetheless!

Bedroom Athletics Erica Spa Thong Slippers

For those with a preference for more normal-looking slippers, these ones are perfect! I love that although they are not your traditional closed-front slippers, they are still made out of a soft, pink fabric making them both cosy and cute. These would be ideal if you don’t like anything too warm on your feet and you can get away with wearing them all year round.

What’s your favourite pair of slippers?


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