I’ve always had a thing for the Flintstones. The Flintstones was by-far one of my favourite cartoons to watch when I was little and for that reason anything Flintstones related always brings a smile to my face. (Anyone else!?)

A few months ago I cleared out all my old shoes, including my old summer flip flops and so I needed a new pair of flip flops for this summer. I normally get a cheap pair of flip flops from the high street – most of which don’t last longer than a summer or two. However this year I came across this pair of Flintstones Havaianas and they pretty much stole my heart.  I never owned a pair of Havaianas before, but I’d heard that they were supposed to be pretty good quality so I decided to go for it and before I knew it, I found myself clicking ‘Add to Basket’.

When I received the Havaianas, I was instantly surprised at how much more durable they felt compared to the usual flip flops that I get.  This is thanks to the sole, which is made of a high quality cushioned rubber material rather than the usual cheap foamy material which definitely isn’t the most long lasting (and can be quite slippery on some surfaces). The sole on the Havaianas feels a lot more hard-wearing!

I have been wearing my Flintstones Havaianas non-stop since I received them last month and have found them to be super comfortable with only minimal blistering in the first few days (which is very normal for me when it comes to getting new shoes). 

The Flintstones Havaianas are available from Amazon or


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