Back in January I posted part 1 of my SEO tips for bloggers. As lots of you found the post quite helpful I thought I would share 5 more easy SEO tips which you can implement in your blog to help it achieve a better Google ranking!

1. Internal Linking

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll almost definitely have related content on your blog. For example, in my recent July Favourites post I spoke about the Benefit Girl Meets Pearl highlighter. As I had previously posted a full review of the Benefit Girl Meets Pearl on my blog, I inserted a link to the review in my July favourites – this is known as internal linking.  This keeps readers on your blog and lets Google know that your blog is a great resource, helping it rank higher up in search results.

2. Guest Posting

Guesting posting on other people’s blogs is great for a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps you build great relationships with other bloggers – and who doesn’t like making new friends!? Secondly, it introduces you and your blog to a new audience which can translate into new regular readers of your blog. Finally, guest posting is a great way of getting a link back to your blog – which in turn increases your Google ranking!

3. Regular Content

Updating your blog with new content is a good idea, whether or not you’re bothered about optimising your blog for search engine results.  New, regularly updated content is a great way of building an audience and keeps your readers interested. However, new content is also an opportunity to use more keywords, thereby increasing your Google ranking. Adding new posts also gives Google the opportunity to index your website more frequently and shows Google that the information on your site is fresh and current, thereby increasing your website’s visibility in search results – hooray!

4. Wordy Posts Do Better

Although the length of a blog post varies depending on the topic and the style of your blog, Google tends to favour more wordy posts over photo-heavy ones.  According to SEO giants, MOZ, websites and blogs with more lengthy, in-depth articles rank higher in search results. This is due reasons such as the fact that longer articles allow you to insert more keywords to rank for, and because Google wants to direct its users to websites that are more likely to contain all the information they need.

5. Fix Broken Links

Broken links are a big no-no in the world of Google – and they can get pretty annoying for your readers too. Using a tool such as Broken Link Check can scan your website for any broken links within a few minutes. Just a warning – if this is your first time checking for broken links on your site don’t be alarmed if you have a large number of broken links. It might take some time to get through them and fix them but it will definitely be worth it in terms of your website’s SEO.

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