Life at the office

Ever since I graduated from university and started working last year, I’ve been busy getting used to life working in an office. Office life has changed considerably over the years, and my experience of life at the office in 2016 is definitely not the same as someone who might have worked in an office 20 years ago. Calibre recently did some research into the ways that office life has changed over the years which I found quite interesting!

Talking face to face is a thing of the past.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t entirely true. However, face to face meetings have definitely decreased significantly due to the introduction of newer technology in the workplace. Walking over to your colleague’s desk or setting up an actual, face to face meeting is now frequently replaced with a quick email to your colleague (even if they’re sitting right opposite you) or even a quick phone call (if they work in the office next door). However, this also means we can communicate with people working overseas – in an instant!

Papers. Papers, everywhere.

Once upon a time, thinking of the word ‘office’ brought images of desks covered in tall piles of papers. This is in stark contrast to the paperless environment of most offices nowadays. As most offices now rely on emails and technology, offices look much tidier and are more environmentally-friendly too.


Offices offer a lot more flexibility now than they did a few years ago. Although working from 9-5 is still quite commonplace, many employers are happy to offer their employees more flexible working hours that are more compatible with their way of life.

A smoke-free zone.

As a non-smoker, I take the smoke-free environment at work for granted. However, up until a few years ago smoking was a common site in any office. It’s weird to think that ciggie breaks outside the office are a relatively new thing!


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