It’s now been around a month since Zoe’s Sweet Inspirations range has been launched.  A few weeks ago I filmed a video where I unboxed the Sweet Inspirations range and gave my first impressions of the products – you can watch the video here. Since then, I have been using and testing out most of the products, so I thought I would write a full review of the products which I have been reaching for the most.

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Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Bath Latte

From the feedback I received in my unboxing video, a lot of people seem to be most excited about the Bath Latte in the range, and I can totally see why that is!  The Bath Latte has by far got the cutest packaging I have ever seen on a bath product – I mean who could resist the combination of the milk bottle shape and the gorgeous blue and gold pattern!? 

The product doubles up as a bubble bath and a shower gel and I have been reaching for it in the shower pretty much everyday throughout the last month.  Not only does it smell delicious, just like sweet macarons, but even the smallest amount of product lathers up so nicely.  I find that the smell lingers on my skin for a good few hours after I have got out of the shower and I will definitely be picking up another bottle of this once I’ve run out!

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Double Creme 

I love layering matching scents, so I’ve also been using the Double Creme Body Cream on a daily basis throughout the last month.  The product is quite heavily scented, which I really like in a body cream.  Although this shares the same scent as the Bath Latte, it leans more towards a white chocolate scent which I really love.  I find that sweet, foodie scents are just so comforting and a great way of pampering yourself, especially before getting into bed.

Another thing I’ve noticed about the body cream is that it gets absorbed into your skin so quickly. Although I love using really thick, nourishing moisturisers during the winter, I tend to go for something lighter and more easily absorbed during the warmer months so this is absolutely perfect for the summer!

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Fragranced Body Mist

Although I’d heard great things about the Zoella Beauty body mists, I had never tried them myself so I was very excited about this one – and it definitely lived up to all my expectations!  As with all the other products in the range, the Sweet Inspirations Fragranced Body Mist has a gorgeous sweet scent. To me, this mostly smells like vanilla with a hint of honey and almond – it’s just lovely and strikes the right balance between being sweet but not overly sickly-sweet.

The body mist comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a pink and gold French patisserie inspired design.  It’s a great size to pop into your hand bag if you want to top up the scent and freshen up throughout the day.  This gets a big thumbs up from me!

What’s your favourite product from the range?

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