Jetting off on a long two-week summer holiday was once a British staple. We warmly welcomed the opportunity to take a break from the norm and forget the troubles of our everyday lives in a country far from our own. These days, things are different and instead we are opting for mini-breaks, many of which we take here in our own backyard.

It has been reported that we are becoming more spontaneous as a nation, with a third of us now booking our holidays last minute. Over half of those who decide to indulge their whims book their breaks in the very same week that they set off! At the same time, staycations are rapidly rising in popularity among the British public, with seaside towns being a particular favourite. We are falling in love with our own country again and realising all the treasures it has to offer. But, did you know that adding a dash of spontaneity and impulsivity can benefit you in your day-to-day life?

You’ll deal with stress like a pro 

If you’re the type of person that is quick to stress, often feeling anxious or out of your depth in everyday situations, it may be a result of you becoming all too comfortable with your routine. When we encounter and experience the exact same situations every single day, any change, no matter how little, will prove to be a source of discomfort.

Introducing an element of spontaneity into your life can be incredibly healthy and help you to deal with mounting stress. Once you get used to a small degree of change, your ability to adapt and embrace new situations develops as a result. Eventually, you will become far more comfortable with stress, which means that you will be open to situations that may have once filled you with dread.

You’ll become sharp and brainy

Our muscles become soft and inefficient if we don’t exercise. Similarly, our brain requires stimulation and action to reach its true potential. Introducing an element of change and uncertainty into your life helps to flex your brain and provides it with a challenge. Venturing into new and exciting experiences helps to develop your powers of recollection and stimulates your prefrontal cortex into action, developing new neural pathways. You don’t have to start big; just surprise yourself and deviate from your rigid daily schedule every now and then.

You’ll become a creative genius

Although an impulsive new attitude in and of itself may not instantly make you creative, it will certainly help you on your way. We are all aware of the benefits of a creative mind. When you think of creativity, people that spring to mind may be writers, artists and musicians. But creativity is also required in everyday business. Employees and managers require this characteristic to ‘think outside the box’ and approach problems from unexpected angles. However, creativity doesn’t grow in a vacuum.

Change and impulsivity can help develop a creative mind by providing it with a range of different scenes, ideas and attitudes. New experiences can help us grow as individuals and allow us to see things from a different perspective. If you are in a rut, being spontaneous can help you break the cycle. Your creative side will thank you for it.

You will become confident and assertive

When discussing a self-confident person, it is important to consider the ‘nature versus nurture’ argument. Are we born assertive and outgoing or are we a product of our environment? The only way to find out is to change things and challenge ourselves. Introduce yourself to new, challenging situations that fill you with a degree of trepidation; nothing ventured, nothing gained. The more you overcome situations you once thought impossible, the more appreciation you’ll have for your capabilities. Over time, your confidence will grow and you’ll become a force to be reckoned with.

You’ll experience adventure and excitement

If Frodo never ventured out of the Shire, think of all the experiences he would have missed out on. Of course, we can’t directly compare going on a holiday to the Fellowship of the Ring, but it illustrates the point effectively. If we go on the same holiday and experience the same things year after year, our lives become somewhat predictable. This might be comforting but it doesn’t offer much in terms of excitement. Challenge yourself with an adventure and book a UK holiday to an area you have never before experienced, or even considered. There are thousands of things to do, places to go and photos to take. Provide yourself with happy, fulfilling memories you’ll be able to fondly look back on for years to come.

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