You may have noticed, if you’ve watched my recent makeup haul, that I stocked up on quite a few new beauty products lately – some old favourites as well as some new products I’d never tried before. As I was browsing the beauty section in Boots I came across the Eyelure Brow Stencils priced at £4.95, which I’d never seen of heard of before and I decided to pick them up and try them out.

The Eylure Brow Stencils promise to help you give your brows some shape and style in just a few minutes.  I didn’t really know what to expect when I opened the pack, but I was quite pleasantly surprised!

Inside the pack are 4 different brow stencils, each with a slightly different shape – 1 slim arch, 1 medium arch, 1 high arch, and 1 full arch.  The stencils are made out of a durable, flexible plastic and feel like they will last quite a long time.  After placing each of the four stencils over my brows to see which ones looked the best and most natural on me, and I decided to go for the medium arch shape.  I then kept the stencil over my eyebrow and filled it in using some brown eyeshadow, and did the same on the other eyebrow.  Then, all that was left was to remove any hairs which fell outside the shaded area and remove the eyeshadow from my brows – done!

If you’re looking for something quick to help shape your brows, I’d definitely recommend this. Although you’re only really going to end up using one out of the four stencils included in the pack, it’s still a cost-effective way of doing your brows – and you can always share the rest with your family and friends!

Available from Boots.


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