Things to do without technology



It’s hard to completely switch off from technology, especially since we’re pretty much constantly surrounded by it. The closest I ever get to switching off from technology is going out for a walk in the countryside or going to the beach, but even then I’ve always got my phone on me! However, it’s sometimes nice to try and disconnect, wherever you are. Today I will be sharing 10 things you can do without technology.

1. Read

Reading has always been a big part of my life.  However, I recently noticed that I haven’t been allowing myself enough time to sit back, relax and read – whether that’s getting into the latest novel by my favourite author, or simply flicking through a magazine.  We’re constantly reading trivial bits and pieces online, such as Facebook updates or tweets, so why not switch off and read something more substantial every once in a while!?

2. Write

Nowadays I find that writing – actually writing using a pen and paper – is becoming more and more of a rare occurrence for me. I used to love writing when I was young, and at one point I even remember having over 20 different pen friends from all over the world who I met through a pen friend club. Writing can be so therapeutic and calming – whether that’s writing to a friend, pen friend, or writing in a journal and it’s something which I would love to properly get back into. PS – Why not try writing to a celebrity?

3. Join an exercise class

A few months ago I wrote a post about my yoga experience and how much I love following Yoga with Adriene‘s online yoga classes.  I find that it’s a great way of switch off, even if it does involve using my laptop or the TV to follow along with the classes. However, why not truly switch off and get yourself signed up to an exercise class at your local gym? Not only does it involve meeting new people and potentially making new friends, but it’s the perfect excuse for disconnecting from technology and enjoying some quality ‘me-time’ (whilst getting fit!).

4. Have a pamper night

There’s one thing I long for after a stressful day, and that’s a good old pamper night.  A scented candle to set the mood, a face mask to cleanse and calm my skin, a gorgeously scented Lush bath bomb, a pair of fluffy socks and something light to read = pure bliss.  I also love painting my nails on pamper nights as I find it so relaxing.  Read all about my pamper night essentials here.

5. Bake

There’s something I find so therapeutic about opening up a recipe book, picking out a recipe and creating a masterpiece (or sometimes, a #failbake).  Not only does baking give you something to concentrate on and helps you to forget about any stresses or worries you may have at the time, but it also means that you also end up with something delicious to eat afterwards!  What’s not to love!?

What’s your favourite thing to do to unplug from technology?