Lush Helping Hands


I suffer from really dry hands and love using the Dirty Works Hand Cream throughout the day as it smells amazing and absorbs into the skin impressively fast!  However, before going to bed I like to treat my hands to something a little bit richer and thicker – so I decided to try out the Lush Helping Hands hand cream and see what it was like.

Interestingly, Lush Helping Hands was created with nurses in mind as they generally must wash their hands quite frequently when working with patients.  Although washing your hands is obviously a necessity in life, it can also have quite a drying effect on your skin and can leave your hands feeling quite sore.  With this in mind, the hand cream contains a yummy mixture of ingredients designed to soothe and soften the skin.

The main ingredients are almond oil, shea butter and cocoa butter to give your skin all the moisture it needs, as well as antiseptic honey, soothing lavender, African marigold oil, and a chamomile infusion to calm any redness.  The hand cream also contains linseed mucilage to soften any rough areas and minimise cracked skin.  As you can probably tell, it really does pack some dry-skin-beating ingredients!

Lush Helping Hands has a very thick, almost buttery-cream consistency, and a little bit of the product goes a long way.  Unlike most other Lush products, this hand cream smells very mild so it’s great if you’re not into heavily scented hand creams.  As I mentioned, I tend to use this hand cream before going to bed as it’s quite thick and does take some time to get absorbed into my skin.  That way I let it work its magic overnight and wake up with soft, supple hands.  However, I wouldn’t recommend using this during the day as it can leave your hands feeling quite greasy, especially if you need to use your hands soon after.

Have you tried any of the hand creams from Lush?


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